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Poster Printing Party

25 Aug

Is this the Ocelot Printing Party?

It totally is….

Bayard shares his backflooding technique.

Baba ganoush anyone?

Plumbing is for the weakhearted. A true Ocelot cleans in bucketwater…. and please don’t lick the screens.


What is Ocelot Print Shop?

19 Aug

We are a print collective, graphic artists and creative people interested in working together to support each other and having a good time at it.

We maintain a workshop where we can print and
share our knowledge with others.

We are a professional print shop seeking work in the Detroit area.

We provide rental workspace and equipment for other Detroit artists and  visiting artists or those with occasional printing space needs.

We open our doors to those interested in printing, making art, and making their voice heard by using print as a DIY form of communication.

We partner with youth organizations around the city to train youth in the
art of screen printing.

We pool our skills together to promote Ocelot. We throw printing parties and keep our gallery stocked to support our artists and our shop.

Ocelot Ocelogo

16 Aug

How do we go about converting our dream of a screen-printing collective into the reality of a printshop?

A lot of conversations, for starters. A lot of inspired artists. But as far as the transition from dreams to reality goes, a logo seems like a nice, concrete step forward. Putting the idea behind a collective printshop into practice, we decided to stay with a text only logo, and leave the imagery flexible. So as time progresses, we can expect a rogue’s gallery of ocelot images.

Oh, look! Here’s the text layout, created by incomparable collective member Stacey Malasky.

And the first art treatment featured up in the header is by our own Kinga Osz-Kemp. I guess that makes it an Oszelot?