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Good Omens

30 Oct

As we are mapping out our Shop while we’re waiting for CCNDC‘s construction to be completed so we can start moving, we’re finding good signs everywhere.

Look what’s used for a doorstop at CCNDC!

We’ve also found a small storage room right off the Shop room that has a tile floor, a drain in the middle and the water lines on the wall ready to tap into. Wash out room!


Deer Friends & Ocelots

26 Oct

There’s been a lot of discussion around the Ocelot front office throughout this inception phase about our mission and values as an organization. While we all come to the collective from different backgrounds, some commercial, some artistic, it occurs to this particular Ocelot that screen-printing represents a form of self-expression that reclaims a means of production that is increasingly mass-market these days. Which is maybe just a high-falutin’ way of saying, that thing you always thought you’d like to see on a t-shirt? We can make that happen for you. Or better yet, YOU can come on down and learn how to make that happen for yourself! So start thinking about what it is you want to communicate to the world.

Remember, you are born with everything you need to promote ideas. Some of us are just more “promotional” than others.

It doesn’t stop with t-shirts, oh no. Were you one of those kids with stickers on your binder? Now you can make the most perfectly perfect stickers. Heck, you can make the whole binder! Personally, I have trouble reading magazines without scissors in hand, such is my inborn refusal to accept spoon-feeding of media in a pre-packaged form. Having access and input in a space where I can seize the means of production and say anything I want (not just what Urban Outfitters says I want) is a true case of living my values. Not to mention, getting to help promote ideas, organizations, and bands that may never hit the mass market.

Nozomi Phoenix, 2-color cityscape design. Modeling services available for free (cool) shirts.

How are we getting the word out today? We’re currently hard at work on a set of Ocelot holiday cards, preparing to fill your wintertime with homegrown and screen-printed goodness. What do we hope to communicate this holiday season? Let’s just say, once I can figure out how to bitmap this deer and make lasers coming out of its eyes, the world will know a new definition of holiday cheer.

Warm hearts this holiday season. With lasers.

Until then, keep it real and take it easy, loyal friends. More to come.

The Buddy System

23 Oct

squeegee with buddies

In our family screen printing shop that I worked at from adolescence on, we attached wooden blocks to the side of our squeegee to keep the face of the handle from slipping into the ink on the screen when you have to let go of it to either load a print or articulate a position with flailing hand gestures as we printers are wont to do.

We called them buddies… because a buddy keeps your hand out of the ink.squeegee at rest

They also made it easier to store the squeegee standing up so the rubber blade didn’t rest on anything to mar or nick it.

If you change the fluids on a regular basis and avoid jack-rabbit starts there is no good reason you can’t get 250,000 miles out of a squeegee, this one just went in for a tune-up at 250,001 and it is still running strong.

Buddies also evoke the collaborative spirit of the Ocelot Print Shop: we can all do this by ourselves but with a little help your hands don’t have to get so dirty.

making yogurt

19 Oct

Hi friends, we wanted to share our first print that was made especially for selling at the Detroit Urban Craft Fair!  and in doing so, we will introduce one of the ocelots.  this print was drawn and designed by Stacey Malasky, and printed by her and the other ocelots.  You can see more of Stacey’s work at her website, and read more of her exploits and arty projects on her blog.

screens prepped for printing

the print is a 3 color silkscreen print, with a halftone on the blue layer, for those who like technical details.

using the transparencies to register

two layers printed on scrap paper to use to register the third layer

racking up the prints

the final print!!!

and the final print, on the good paper with all three layers!!  as you may have guessed it is instructional on how to make yogurt, as well as being lovely to look at.  expect to see more prints and products we are putting together to sell for the holidays.


this is shadow, she doesn’t help print, but she does like to meow, and try to open tupperware to get to pizza.






Ocelots at the Detroit Urban Craft Fair

13 Oct

On December 1st and 2nd at the Masonic Temple, OPS will join 99 other local vendors who make their own products, and have a merry ole’ time helping our friends and fellow DIY lovers finding Christmas presents , and feast their eyes on luscious ink on paper and fabric. Admission to the event is $1.

Come out and see us at our first collective sale as The Ocelot Print Shop, and support local makers with your holiday shopping dollars.

Coming soon: samples will trickle in on the blog from the many things we’ll have available at DUCF, as well as introductions to our contributing members.

One day left for Start Garden

3 Oct

We are getting some encouraging responses to Ocelot on the Start Garden website.

Seems like people are getting the idea about working together instead of against each other.

One more day for a vote for us!


Help us get funded!

1 Oct

Help us put startup money in our shop! Please endorse our idea on Start Garden , and spread the word!

Thank you!

We have found a home! Help us get it stocked and get started! Vote for Ocelot on Start Garden.