making yogurt

19 Oct

Hi friends, we wanted to share our first print that was made especially for selling at the Detroit Urban Craft Fair!  and in doing so, we will introduce one of the ocelots.  this print was drawn and designed by Stacey Malasky, and printed by her and the other ocelots.  You can see more of Stacey’s work at her website, and read more of her exploits and arty projects on her blog.

screens prepped for printing

the print is a 3 color silkscreen print, with a halftone on the blue layer, for those who like technical details.

using the transparencies to register

two layers printed on scrap paper to use to register the third layer

racking up the prints

the final print!!!

and the final print, on the good paper with all three layers!!  as you may have guessed it is instructional on how to make yogurt, as well as being lovely to look at.  expect to see more prints and products we are putting together to sell for the holidays.


this is shadow, she doesn’t help print, but she does like to meow, and try to open tupperware to get to pizza.







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