The Buddy System

23 Oct

squeegee with buddies

In our family screen printing shop that I worked at from adolescence on, we attached wooden blocks to the side of our squeegee to keep the face of the handle from slipping into the ink on the screen when you have to let go of it to either load a print or articulate a position with flailing hand gestures as we printers are wont to do.

We called them buddies… because a buddy keeps your hand out of the ink.squeegee at rest

They also made it easier to store the squeegee standing up so the rubber blade didn’t rest on anything to mar or nick it.

If you change the fluids on a regular basis and avoid jack-rabbit starts there is no good reason you can’t get 250,000 miles out of a squeegee, this one just went in for a tune-up at 250,001 and it is still running strong.

Buddies also evoke the collaborative spirit of the Ocelot Print Shop: we can all do this by ourselves but with a little help your hands don’t have to get so dirty.


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