Deer Friends & Ocelots

26 Oct

There’s been a lot of discussion around the Ocelot front office throughout this inception phase about our mission and values as an organization. While we all come to the collective from different backgrounds, some commercial, some artistic, it occurs to this particular Ocelot that screen-printing represents a form of self-expression that reclaims a means of production that is increasingly mass-market these days. Which is maybe just a high-falutin’ way of saying, that thing you always thought you’d like to see on a t-shirt? We can make that happen for you. Or better yet, YOU can come on down and learn how to make that happen for yourself! So start thinking about what it is you want to communicate to the world.

Remember, you are born with everything you need to promote ideas. Some of us are just more “promotional” than others.

It doesn’t stop with t-shirts, oh no. Were you one of those kids with stickers on your binder? Now you can make the most perfectly perfect stickers. Heck, you can make the whole binder! Personally, I have trouble reading magazines without scissors in hand, such is my inborn refusal to accept spoon-feeding of media in a pre-packaged form. Having access and input in a space where I can seize the means of production and say anything I want (not just what Urban Outfitters says I want) is a true case of living my values. Not to mention, getting to help promote ideas, organizations, and bands that may never hit the mass market.

Nozomi Phoenix, 2-color cityscape design. Modeling services available for free (cool) shirts.

How are we getting the word out today? We’re currently hard at work on a set of Ocelot holiday cards, preparing to fill your wintertime with homegrown and screen-printed goodness. What do we hope to communicate this holiday season? Let’s just say, once I can figure out how to bitmap this deer and make lasers coming out of its eyes, the world will know a new definition of holiday cheer.

Warm hearts this holiday season. With lasers.

Until then, keep it real and take it easy, loyal friends. More to come.


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