casual tuesday

7 Nov

I have never worked in a place that had a strict dress code for the employees, where I was stationed we only had to wear shoes.dress for success in 2nd hand clothes

What kind of animals make the best shop-pets?

  • Cat
  • Dog
  • Ocelot
  • Raven (wearing a monocle)

Cats of course are good mousers

Dog, right there with you picking up it’s p00p

Ocelot works well with others, is encouraging, and not hyper-critical

Raven, if the Raven is wearing a monocle chances are he is not the pet but the C.E.O.

Raven fun fact: will steal your glasses but then only wear one lens at a time.

a little bird told me that the Ocelots are printing a set of Holidaze cards in the next couple of weeks…keep an eye on this space for the how to and the what not.


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