VGKids are Very Good Kids

12 Nov

Last week we Ocelots made a field trip to exotic Ypsilanti, home of the vanguard of high-quality screen printing, VGKids.

Don’t let the unassuming facade fool you, VGKids comes absolutely correct, and inside this warehouse–their fourth location over 13 years in business, and a major step up from the former meth lab that was their 2nd home–is an eye-widening, Wonkaesque fun house for anyone who gets as excited over screen-printing as we do.

VGKids has an insane set-up, with a 10-arm automated press, a high-production paper press set-up, and a solid array of ingenious stations for power-washing and screen storage, exposure, and stretching stashed away in what were once walk-in coolers lining one side of their warehouse space. We were taken on the full tour by the affable Aaron Bobzien, one of the original VGKids and backbone to the front office.

Enlightening? Yes. Impressive? Without a doubt. Intimidating? …maybe a little. But if nothing else, VGKids make it clear what kind of growth is possible in the screen print biz, if you come at it with high standards, dedication to customer satisfaction, and love of the game. VGKids is all grown up, but they still know how to have fun doing what they love.

Thanks, VGKids, for the tour, and the inspiration!


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