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Ocelot Update

28 Jan

Hi Friends, Happy New Year, even if a bit late into the month!  We have been quiet around here since the close of the holidays.  It has been very restful and reflective.  But now we are back at it!  So here is a little update on what is happening!

Image•   construction is still ongoing in our physical location, so we haven’t moved yet
• we hope to be in the space and open in the spring!
• we are still working print jobs in the mean time, so if you have any printing needs, let us know
• two of the Ocelots are enrolled in Detroit Future Media classes, to benefit the shop
• we are working out all the details of membership and how the shop will operate so that we can hit the ground running!

If you have any questions, thoughts or interest send us an email at ocelotps (at)