Build up! Build out!

28 Mar

The ocelots have put down the brooms and picked up the hammers and build out has begun…..oooh but your dark room is so bright…the better to see you with

sure one wall does not a dark room make, but imagine another wall and an exposure unit and a coating table and the warm blue-black glow of the light source, perhaps a quiet humming as the ballasts do their job turning electricity into magic and then sending it through tubes and out into the micro-sphere and then compelling itself to burn another screen…can you imagine that? One of the things we bandied back and forth like an Olympic badminton shuttlecock was how big should the dark room be? you want to be able to move around without bumping(smashing) into things in the dark(relative)…if my calculations are correct we could accommodate an 80’s era Andy Warhol with a portable colour television and the third largest pear on record and still have room to burn a screen…

blessed are the print makers

dark room basking in the light

andy dark pear


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