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Living like a gypsy, prepping screens at one house and printing at another, patching together all our materials is not easy. The new year brings a new home where we can set up all the processes in the way we like them, gather all our equipment and create a shop that we can share with our members and use efficiently. This is very exciting but it also takes a lot of resources.

You can support our move by purchasing an Ocelot Holiday Card Packet, or by donating either any supplies/equipment you see on our list below, or any dollar amount you wish to give towards purchasing those items.

We thank you deeply for any purchase/contribution, and look forward to having you visit the shop .

Four Ocelots designed four different holiday cards, we printed them together in a limited edition of sixty, and are selling packets of four (with each design included) for a whopping $12 plus shipping.


cards 3

cards 1

Print Shop Wish List:

-fluorescent light fixtures
-plexi glass (3×5’ min)
-2×3”, 2×4” or other lumber for storage building
-sheet lumber (plywood, particle board, milled wood, etc), dowel rods, etc
-metal storage cabinets
-flat files
-large format Epson ink jet printer
-large format scanner
-RIP software
-Adobe Suite
-speakers for an ipod
-dip tank
-flash dryer
-t-shirt heat press (Mighty Press)
-large exact paper cutter
-scoop coaters
-exposure unit
-screen hinge clamps
-screen printing inks
-newsprint and other paper products
-t-shirts and printable fabric/clothing
-clean wide mouth plastic or glass containers with tight lids
-sponges, cleaning supplies
-office supplies (files, copy paper, usb drives, tape, phone, etc)
-work/trade journals, art and related magazines
-heavy black curtain (to generously cover a doorway)     

Peace to you all!


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