Ocelot Update

28 Jan

Hi Friends, Happy New Year, even if a bit late into the month!  We have been quiet around here since the close of the holidays.  It has been very restful and reflective.  But now we are back at it!  So here is a little update on what is happening!

Image•   construction is still ongoing in our physical location, so we haven’t moved yet
• we hope to be in the space and open in the spring!
• we are still working print jobs in the mean time, so if you have any printing needs, let us know
• two of the Ocelots are enrolled in Detroit Future Media classes, to benefit the shop
• we are working out all the details of membership and how the shop will operate so that we can hit the ground running!

If you have any questions, thoughts or interest send us an email at ocelotps (at) gmail.com


Pigs fly with us

10 Dec


These pigs are too fast for their own pink! They’re definitely not going to be the ham on the holiday table.

The Ocelots are getting together with the folks at CCNDC for the Community Holiday Celebration to eat the slow pig that didn’t get away (though some are vegetarians), and then continue getting ready for the move into the shop after the Holidays.


Holiday Ocelots

28 Nov
The print shop will be represented at the Detroit Urban Craft Fair this year. It’s happening this weekend, Dec1st (10-7 pm) and Dec.2nd (11-6 pm) at the Masonic Temple.
We’ll be selling a myriad of printed goods, including fine art prints, t-shirts, books/zines, tea towels, a magnificent quilt and a special Ocelot holiday card package, from which all proceeds benefit the Shop.
Next week we’ll set up at Detroit Farm and Garden for the Tashmoo Holiday Market ( Sun, Dec. 9, 12-8pm).
Stop by at either or both fairs to say hello and pick up some Ocelot fliers to distribute, and maybe a Christmas present for someone you like…

VGKids are Very Good Kids

12 Nov

Last week we Ocelots made a field trip to exotic Ypsilanti, home of the vanguard of high-quality screen printing, VGKids.

Don’t let the unassuming facade fool you, VGKids comes absolutely correct, and inside this warehouse–their fourth location over 13 years in business, and a major step up from the former meth lab that was their 2nd home–is an eye-widening, Wonkaesque fun house for anyone who gets as excited over screen-printing as we do.

VGKids has an insane set-up, with a 10-arm automated press, a high-production paper press set-up, and a solid array of ingenious stations for power-washing and screen storage, exposure, and stretching stashed away in what were once walk-in coolers lining one side of their warehouse space. We were taken on the full tour by the affable Aaron Bobzien, one of the original VGKids and backbone to the front office.

Enlightening? Yes. Impressive? Without a doubt. Intimidating? …maybe a little. But if nothing else, VGKids make it clear what kind of growth is possible in the screen print biz, if you come at it with high standards, dedication to customer satisfaction, and love of the game. VGKids is all grown up, but they still know how to have fun doing what they love.

Thanks, VGKids, for the tour, and the inspiration!

casual tuesday

7 Nov

I have never worked in a place that had a strict dress code for the employees, where I was stationed we only had to wear shoes.dress for success in 2nd hand clothes

What kind of animals make the best shop-pets?

  • Cat
  • Dog
  • Ocelot
  • Raven (wearing a monocle)

Cats of course are good mousers

Dog, right there with you picking up it’s p00p

Ocelot works well with others, is encouraging, and not hyper-critical

Raven, if the Raven is wearing a monocle chances are he is not the pet but the C.E.O.

Raven fun fact: will steal your glasses but then only wear one lens at a time.

a little bird told me that the Ocelots are printing a set of Holidaze cards in the next couple of weeks…keep an eye on this space for the how to and the what not.

this and that

3 Nov

Hi there!  As we settle further into fall, with winter on the way maybe you were wondering what is happening with the shop.  Well you are in luck because i have a shop update for you.  construction is still steadily happening at the building we are going to move into, and if you have ever been waiting on construction you know it always takes longer than you expected.  So we still are not sure when we will be moving into the shop, but the good news is that doesn’t mean we can’t print and work on all of the boring aspects of building a business.  Currently one of the ocelots is enrolled in a business plan planning class at D-Hive.  Who knew business planning was so much work!  i certainly didn’t, so we are glad to have the help.  We still plan on being at the Detroit Urban Craft Fair, and have been steadily working on goodies to sell at our table.  Our blog will soon be getting a minor face lift, we will be adding pages to explain who we are what we want to do, as well as the details of membership.

And in really amazing news, we were awarded a $1,000 grant from The Awesome News Task Force Detroit!!  We are so excited that they thought our shop idea sounded bad ass enough to give us some money to help us get started.  We now have a budget that begins with a 1 instead of a 0, and that is awesome news indeed.  We will be doing some fundraising soon to help get the doors open and supplies in the closet.  Since I don’t have any pictures of printing I will leave you with a link to this video, it is on heavy rotation for me when feeling down.  http://grist.org/list/baby-pandas-on-a-slide/

Good Omens

30 Oct

As we are mapping out our Shop while we’re waiting for CCNDC‘s construction to be completed so we can start moving, we’re finding good signs everywhere.

Look what’s used for a doorstop at CCNDC!

We’ve also found a small storage room right off the Shop room that has a tile floor, a drain in the middle and the water lines on the wall ready to tap into. Wash out room!